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The VanTrust development team brings a long resume of successful projects to this area of commercial real estate expertise. We regularly respond to build-to-suit, speculative, and third-party fee development opportunities in a wide spectrum of commercial real estate product types. In addition to user clients, we build for the account of our parent company, Van Tuyl Companies. Coupling decades of experience and dedication with unyielding determination to invest in the right people, VanTrust celebrates an unparalleled portfolio of assets and an unmatched level of commercial development spanning a wide variety of real estate product types across the nation.

VanTrust clients benefit from our Development Services Team who has long and successful relationships with our design and construction partners. This means that our clients will have reliable costs early in the design process and guaranteed project costs and delivery schedules at the time of commitment. In addition, our team proactively manages these costs and schedules to ensure our projects are delivered on time and on budget. We bring to the table the esteem of a fiduciary to collaborate with our clients to determine the best result for their objective. We have the flexibility to deliver projects in a multitude of structures and are open to adapt our role to meet our client’s needs. As the developer, we are the responsible party to deliver the required asset with certainty of outcome. Areas of functional responsibility include site due diligence, entitlement, design, construction, project oversight, municipal compliance, and assistance on securing incentives when applicable.

VanTrust pursues core-plus and value-add acquisition opportunities – representing all major commercial real estate sectors. With offices in Phoenix, Dallas, Kansas City, Columbus and Jacksonville we can transact nationwide. Typical transactions include repositioning challenged assets, maximizing value on the initial purchase of stabilized assets and opportunistic redevelopment with a minimum purchase price of $10 million.

We do not have a predetermined investment hurdle-rate and we are not required to place capital within certain financial periods. Instead, we have the capacity and motivation to be entrepreneurial yet diligent in our underwriting in order to promptly deploy large amounts of capital. One of the most difficult decisions an investor has to make is whether to hold or dispose of an asset. Our experienced team has a unique analytical approach for underwriting investment opportunities, judging an asset’s performance not just on its economics, but also on its ability to positively impact the community it represents.

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