Our story.


VanTrust Real Estate, LLC, is a full service real estate development company with a regional focus and national scope. VanTrust’s ownership and substantial capital base are associated with the Van Tuyl Group. VanTrust offers its clients and capital partners a full spectrum of real estate services, including acquisition, development, asset management, design and construction oversight, and consultation. We are open to adapt our role to meet our client’s objective. Product types include office, industrial, multifamily, retail, institutional, governmental, hospitality, and recreational.


A successful project begins with a successful team. We are proud to say we work with a talented group of people. From accountants to architects, we have a diverse pool of perspectives to pull from for each and every project. Our team is made up of experts in development, finance, construction, architecture, engineering, asset management, and marketing. This range of expertise ensures that projects are executed pursuant to all stakeholder’s expectations.


  • To be responsible stewards to the real estate and to our communities.
  • To provide our clients and customers unparalleled real estate service with the conviction of fiduciaries.
  • To do this with a dedicated work ethic, sound fundamentals and a healthy appreciation for fun.
  • To measure ourselves based upon our collective success, among constituents that we value and respect.
Van Tuyl Companies Logo

The Van Tuyl Companies is the enterprise overseeing the business interests of the Van Tuyl family. It engages in a broad range of investment activities including public and private securities and real estate development. Van Tuyl Companies identifies investment and development opportunities with a long-term view on strategic partnerships to approach deal structure as well as tailor credit solutions.

VT LandGroup Logo

VT LandGroup is an entity dedicated to land acquisition initiatives. The company operates in unison with VanTrust Real Estate to seek and acquire land nationwide in various stages from raw to fully entitled/developed, over a full spectrum of uses. The ability to commit and close, without financing contingencies, allows VT LandGroup to provide an extraordinary short due diligence and approval process with certainty of outcome.

FirethornTrust is a London-based real estate investment and development company that was formed to establish an international platform for Van Tuyl Companies and its affiliates. This team has a combined experience of more than 75 years in loan origination, delivery and execution with expertise across multiple sectors including office, retail, industrial, student housing, PRS and hotels.