Asset Enhancement

At VanTrust, our management objective is to provide clients and capital partners with the highest quality professional service while developing and executing strategies for enhanced asset performance.

We have the expertise necessary to identify solutions for properties in every stage of the real estate life cycle, from investment and partnership, to financing, development, design, construction, commissioning, operating, accounting methods, maintaining, repairing, leasing, and disposition.

As asset manager, we systematically deploy, operate, maintain, upgrade and monitor properties to achieve the greatest return and best possible service to the client. VanTrust fulfills the needs of clients who wish to pursue asset enhancement services with one vehicle, under one roof.

We serve as advisor to our clients and focus on one overriding goal – to substantially grow their investment and improve the economic health of the community they serve. Proficiency makes the difference between mediocre and stellar performance.

Team of Experts

Jeff Smith

Executive Vice Present, Asset Enhancement

Angie Prine

Manager, Asset Enhancement

Robert Leyva

Director, Asset Enhancement

Jimmy Angelotti

Senior Director, Asset Enhancement

Featured Properties

VT 303 North
VT 303 Building 2
Tropical Distribution Center IV
Park Place Residences & Axis Lofts
Park Place R3
Innovation Building 1
El Paso Logistics Park – Phase I
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