We develop stronger, healthier communities.

Community Impact

Building Our Communities

Developing with a Difference is about more than finding the right property or building a successful project. At VanTrust, our core mission is to be responsible stewards to the communities we serve. We strive to build stronger, healthier communities and put our energy into the relationships with those communities. For VanTrust, it’s about more than transactions. Our goal is to deliver developments that become ingrained into and strengthen the fabric of the community.

We want our employees to be leaders in the community and part of that leadership is becoming active in charitable causes. Each year, our employees earmark a charity that they would like to become involved with. All employees get to take a check to the charity of their choice, but it’s not just writing a check – we want them involved. The community benefits, the specific causes benefit and the employee benefits. By providing support to nonprofit organizations, VanTrust helps improve areas of community revitalization, education, infrastructure, economic impact, financial literacy, community health and human services, and the arts. Community stewardship has always been at the core of everything we do, as a company and as individuals.


Communities Impacted


Charitable Organizations Supported


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